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Capitol Theatre seeks support for seats – yours!

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June 8th, 2018

In the theatre world, it’s understood that “bums in seats equals success.”

The Capitol Theatre’s seats have been filled with over 30,000 of them every year since the theatre’s re-opening 30 years ago, and so it stands to reason that things have become a little less than cushy.

“It’s time to get comfortable again,” says Executive Director Stephanie Fischer. To that end, the Capitol plans to restore the seats with new fabric, firm memory foam seat cushioning and new cushioning to the back of the seats, carefully matching the existing fabric in order to retain the theatre’s historic ambience. The project got a kickstart with a generous donation from Jennifer and Ron Lount-Taylor which enabled the Capitol to apply for matching funding.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Columbia Basin Trust Built Heritage program, the BC Arts Council Collaborative Spaces program, and the BC Gaming Capital program who all came on board to support this exciting project,” says Fischer. “After two years we are 90 percent there, but due to price increases we need a bit more help to upgrade all 406 theatre seats. We are seeking donations from members of the public to take the project to completion.”

The decision to refurbish the original seats, with their hardwood arms and cast iron frames, was a nod to history and the passion of the early volunteers who rescued seats from another Art Deco theatre, in keeping with the Capitol’s era (the original seats were long gone when restoration began, although two surviving originals remain in the archives). Other considerations included cost, environmental sustainability, and size. Today’s seats are wider, which would reduce seating capacity in the often sold-out venue.

The work, which includes installations of new marmoleum to better protect the floors, will take place in August and partway through September and will not interrupt regular programming, community rentals, or the 2018-2019 Capitol Season Series.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the final leg of the Capitol’s seat refurbishment project is invited to contact Stephanie Fischer at 250-352-6363 or, and help ensure comfortable bums in comfortable seats for years to come.


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