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Opposition to Fed's purchase of Trans Mountain pipeline reaches Nelson

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 31st, 2018

Opposition to the decision by the Canadian government to purchase an oil pipeline bring oil to BC’s west coast made its way to the Heritage City Wednesday afternoon as a group of protesters voiced their displeasure following Tuesday’s announcement.

A small group against the decision made their voice known on 400 Baker Street in the city amenity area outside Phoenix Computers.

“We don’t want your pipeline, we’re putting up a stop sign,” sang protesters on Baker Street led by Fred Richer singing the new Bob Bossin String band song: We don’t want your pipeline.

Kootenays For a Pipeline-Free BC activist Keith Wiley said the pipeline goes from the tar sands to our planet’s atmosphere.

"Never mind the risk of 360 more tankers a year carrying bitumen through the Salish Sea,” Wiley told said. “Canada has no hope of joining in the global carbon dioxide reduction plan if we build this pipeline.

Building this pipeline is pretending that climate change doesn’t exist, or it doesn’t matter to us, or something totally in denial.”

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, which carries oil from Alberta to a port in a suburb of Vancouver, BC has become a flashpoint in a wider debate in Canada over the environmental impact of tapping Alberta’s oil sands.

The BC Government as well as environmentalists and some indigenous groups have strongly opposed the expansion of the pipeline, citing environmental concerns. The minority government led by BC Premier John Horgan is using the courts in an attempt to block the project, which the Federal Government announced is purchasing for $4.5 Billion.

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