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Nelson Fire Rescue responds to jet fuel spill at Airport

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 5th, 2018

A driver of a jet fuel truck received minor injuries following a spill Friday afternoon at the Nelson Airport.

In a media release, Nelson Fire Rescue said the spill, occurring at around 2:15 p.m. Friday, involved approximately 150-200 liters of jet fuel.

“The fuel had spilled while a tanker truck was off-loading the fuel to the above ground storage tank,” said the Nelson Fire Rescue release.

“The first arriving crew’s primary objective was to ensure that all ignition sources were turned off and closed up nearby building to prevent the vapours from entering.

“The shift officer quickly realized that additional resources were going to be required and requested additional members and equipment,” the release added.

“Due to the large amount of fuel on the ground extra absorbent materials were requested from the public works department.”

Both on duty members responded immediately followed by the fire chief and three additional off-duty members responding to the station.

Nelson Fire Rescue said crews were able to apply multiple bags of absorbent material as well as peat moss to reduce the hazard and the impact on the environment. 

The spill was monitored to ensure that it did not enter the storm drains.  Additional remediation will be undertaken.

In all, six firefighters responded to the incident with two fire engines, and two utility vehicles as well as the Hazard Materials/Technical Rescue Trailer.  The driver received some minor skin irritation due to being splashed with a large amount of the fuel.

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that “Disaster Day” is happening on May 5th in the 400 and 500 blocks of Hall Street. 

“Everyone is invited to come down and sign up for the new Nelson Emergency Alert Program and learn what you and your family need to do to ensure that you are prepared in the event a disaster happens in our area.”




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