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Nelson Library launches 'Human Library'

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April 15th, 2018

A community is made up of all sorts of people with all sorts of stories.

At our best we are welcoming, compassionate, and understanding—and yet some of our neighbours have felt misunderstood, stigmatized, or judged. The Nelson Public Library aims to bring everyone a little closer with its second “Human Library” on Thursday, April 26 from 7 to 9 p.m.

The theme of the Human Library is “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  In a Human Library, “Readers” are invited to check out a “Human Book”—a living person with a story—for a one-on-one 25-minute conversation.

The Library will have 11 “Books” available to borrow with titles such as “Disabled Rights Advocate (the wheelchair is secondary”; “From Homeless to Homeowner”; “Dyslexia in the Real World”, and “Queer Anara-Feminist.” More information on the Nelson Library’s Human Library and its “Books” can be found at

Photo Caption: A Human Library “Book” talks to a “Borrower” at last year’s Human Library at the Nelson Public Library. — Photo courtesy Adrian Wagner 

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