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Nelson Fire Chief Encourages Yard Waste Clean-Up

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 20th, 2018

In a media release, Nelson Fire and Rescue Chief Len MacCharles announced the approved burning period subject to weather and local fire conditions from beginning Saturday, April 27 to Sunday, May 6, 2018 — inclusive.

MacCharles is encouraging residents to do their part to reduce the risk of a wildfire spreading through Nelson through the removal of deadfall, woody debris and dried yard waste around homes to minimize fire risk posed by ground fuels.

“This is about being ‘Fire Smart’ and now is the time of the year to make a difference around your home and community for the coming summer and fall,” said MacCharles. “This is especially the case given the dry summer and serious wildfire season experienced last year.”

MacCharles suggests the best way for residents to clean up properties is to take unwanted fuels to the Grohman Narrows Transfer Station.

Municipal government is offering a Free Yard Waste Drop Off for the month of May at the Grohman Transfer Station. The charge is normally $5 per load of yard wasted up to 2.5 cubic meters and $50 for large loads and $25 per ton if chipped.

MacCharles said residents burning of woody debris within city limits requires a permit and is subject to the following conditions (excerpt from Bylaw No. 3268, 2014):

a) competent person:

  • must be at all times present and in charge of the fire while burning or smoldering
  • must be provided with efficient appliances and equipment to prevent the fire from getting beyond control or causing damage or becoming dangerous to life or property
  • must ensure that such fire is completely extinguished

b) no burning maybe carried out within five metres from any forest land, Buildings, structures, commercial or industrial property or any Combustibles;

c)   burning may only be carried out during the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

d)   only clean, dry, solid and untreated wood and Woody Debris collected or accumulated from the Owner or Occupant’s land on which the burning will take place may be burned

e)  no pile of burning woody debris may exceed 1.5 metres in diameter or one metre in height

f)   accelerants, building materials and non-organic material are not permitted and may not be burned

g) despite the issuance of a permit, no burning maybe carried out if:

  • it would be unsafe to do so due to climatic conditions or any other hazard
  • if the air quality venting index is not good or is otherwise deemed by the Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Health to be not suitable for burning

h)   the Owner or Occupant must provide proof of fire insurance in a form and with content and deductible satisfactory to the Fire Chief

MacCharles said permits must be acquired in person, at the Nelson Fire Department, located at 919 Ward Street for the $10 fee can that be paid by cash or cheque at the time of issuance and proof of fire insurance.

Residents are required to follow the Ministry of Environment’s Venting Index guidelines (or call 1-888-281-2992) and only burn on days when venting is listed as “Good” on the day of burning to minimize any accumulation of smoke-caused air pollution.

Contravention of Bylaw No. 3268 may be met with suspension or revocation of the permit and/or a fee for service.

MacCharles said the Corporation of the City of Nelson Bylaw No. 3268 can be found via the City of Nelson Website.

For more information contact the Fire Hall at (250) 352-3103 or fax (250) 352-6578.



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