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Kootenay Air Cadets compete in Effective Speaking

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March 2nd, 2018

A group of Air Cadets from the Kootenay region recently competed at the annual Effective Speaking competition, Saturday (February 24) in Castlegar.

The eight competing Air Cadets were from Castlegar, Nelson, Creston and Cranbrook.

Leading up to the competition, cadets have to write and learn how to deliver a five minute prepared speech and practice short speeches on impromptu topics. Participating squadrons selected their top cadets to compete in the Regional Competition.

It takes a lot of courage for these young men and women to stand up and speak in front of others, not many people can.

For the competition, each of the cadets gave a 5 minute prepared speech and then an impromptu two minute speech.

  • From 552 Key City Squadron in Cranbrook, Flight Corporal Dhruv Jethwa and Corporal Orion Lancaster both talked about “Canadian History”. From 904 Kootenai Squadron in Creston, Corporal Andreas Kamp talked about “Volunteerism in our Community”.
  • 581 Castlegar Squadron had three cadets in the competition. Sergeant Seth Whitehead talked about “The Roles of Indigenous Peoples in Canada’s History”. Flight Sergeant John Colley talked about “Laughter, the best Medicine” and Sergeant Deannah Kaiser talked about “Cadet Life”.
  • 561 Osprey Squadron from Nelson had two cadets. Flight Corporal Chia Minchin, who lives in Nakusp, talked about “Volunteerism in our Community” and Corporal Kai Thomson talked about ”Science and Technology”.

All eight cadets gave the same two minute impromptu speech on “Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?”

The judges for the competition were Chief Sam Lattanzio from the Castlegar Fire Department, Castlegar City Councillor Deb Macintosh, and Gerry Cartwright, Manager, Client Experience at CIBC in Nelson.

The competition winner will compete in the provincial competition in April in Richmond and the provincial winner will compete in the national competition in Prince Edward Island later in the spring.

The winner of the competition was Sergeant Seth Whitehead from Castlegar. Second place went to Corporal Kai Thomson from Nelson and third place went to Corporal Andreas Kamp from Creston.

Quick Facts

  • The Cadet Program is open to all Canadian youth from the ages of 12 to 18 regardless of income, race, religion, culture or other socio-economic factors. The program embraces Canada’s multiculturalism and offers young Canadians opportunities to interact with youth from other cultures.
  • The Cadet program is the largest youth program sponsored by the federal government and has over 53,000 participants from all provinces and territories.

Photo Caption: Corporal Andreas Kamp from Creston, Sergeant Seth Whitehead from Castlegarand Corporal Kai Thomson were winners of the annual Effective Speaking competition. — Submitted photo


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