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Tossing One’s Hat in the Ring

By Contributor
May 28th, 2017

Students at Wildflower school are getting a taste for business this week. Through the Junior Achievement program, their teacher along with local mentors have helped the Experiential Education come up with a business idea and take it to market.

Although there isn’t a formal process to fulfill, the program takes students through various aspects of taking an idea to market. Brainstorming ideas, market analysis, design, sourcing suppliers, budgeting, marketing, sales & delivery were all included in a 1hr class over 15 weeks.

“The students decided to design their own hats” explains Cole Auringer a Wildflower teacher. “We had no idea what we wanted to when we started. Getting 20 students (ages 10 to 12) was interesting.

“The Nelson & District Credit Union sponsored initial capital which we used to put together the first order and the open process worked well for us,” added Auringer.

“Wildflower’s goal is to encourage self esteem, confidence and the joy of learning. This program has provided many opportunities for teamwork and leadership. There has been some great learning for the students and for myself.”

Business isn’t all rosy.

“It’s been hard,” admits 11-year-old Parker, who also was the main contributor of the design.

“Everyone had a different idea on what they wanted to do. Even when we decided on hats, coming up with the design created a lot of disagreements in the class, but I guess that is what business is all about, solving problems. And we’re all so excited to see our hats be worn around town.”

The design was inspired by their curriculum.

“The wolf represents humility which we’ve been studying in class” explains Parker, “and we thought that using geometrics is like bringing math to us in the mountains.”

Though a little market analysis was conducted, the rubber will meet the road as sales open this week.

The students will be presenting to Rotary, and will have a booth up the week of May 29th around town.

“We hope that the community will support this initiate” encourages Auringer, “and all monies raised will be used to purchase new playground equipment”

The hats are sold at $30 and available for purchase only until Friday, June 2nd

To purchase a hat, you can contact 250.505.7020 or visit

Photo Caption: Students from Cole Auringer’s Wildflower School class shows off hats up for sale as the class gets a taste of life as a business owner. — Submitted photo

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