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Exciting time at 561 Nelson Osprey Squadron

By Contributor
March 9th, 2017

The 561 Nelson Osprey Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets recently held an awards ceremony.

The evening started with Les Johnson, President of the Nelson Eagles Club inspecting the Cadets. He then assisted in the presentation of several awards and promotions.
Promoted from Air Cadet to Leading Air Cadet were:

  •  Riley Baron
  • Adrian Buller
  • Nathan Gaffran
  • Elias Hibberson
  • Horatio Kostuch
  • Noah Malenfant
  • Chiara Minchin

LAC Chiara Minchin received both her First Class and Expert Marksmanship qualification and LAC Horation Kostuch received his First Class Marksmanship qualification.
LAC Horatio Kostuch received his Bronze Fitness Award.
Four cadets received their Silver Fitness Awards:

  • Flight Corporal Matthew Bullen
  • Corporal Carson Van Horne
  • LAC Elias Hibberson
  • AC Laine Makortoff

Three Cadets received there Gold Fitness Awards:

  • LAC Chiara Minchin
  • F/Sgt Jasper Taylor
  • LAC Adrian Buller

Four Cadets earned their excellence Fitness Level:

  • LAC Caiden Thompson
  • AC Kai Thomson
  • LAC Nathan Gaffran
  • LAC Riley Baron

The squadron meets every Wednesday from 6:15-9 p.m. in the Nelson Eagles Hall at 641 Baker St.
The squadron always welcomes new cadets who are between the ages of 12 and 18 years.
Adults who would like to volunteer with squadron are also welcome.

Quick Facts

  • Cadets is the largest youth organization operated by the Government of Canada
  • There is little or no cost for the cadets to be a member of Air Cadets and Summer Training is no cost.

Photo Caption: Cadets in the 561 Nelson Osprey Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets received awards and promotions during a recent ceremony.

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