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Stetski brings fight to keep Jumbo Wild to Parliament

By Contributor
December 8th, 2016

Kootenay-Columbia MP Wayne Stetski has brought the two decade old struggle to Keep Jumbo Wild to parliament.

In a recent statement in the House of Commons, Stetski drew Parliamentarians attention to the Ktunaxa Nations challenge in the Supreme Court of Canada that began Thursday. 

He also highlighted the beauty of the Purcell Mountains and recognized the tireless efforts of the thousands of people across Kootenay-Columbia working to protect wild spaces.

Speaking following his statement in the House, Stetski shared why it was important for him to bring this local issue to parliament.

“The fight to keep Jumbo Wild has caused division and hardship in communities across our region for over 20 years.  One thing that brings people together is agreement about how ecologically important and spiritual the Purcell Mountains are. I wanted to highlight that.”

Stetski went on to say, “The Ktunaxa case at the Supreme Court may be specific to Qat’muk and Jumbo but it really speaks to recognizing aboriginal spiritual practices and beliefs for Canada’s First Nations. It is also important for protecting wild spaces. These are themes that need to be central to our conversations as we move forward not just in Kooteany-Columbia but across Canada.”  

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