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Give the Gift that Keeps On Giving — register as an organ donor

By Contributor
December 22nd, 2016

The B.C. government is urging all British Columbians to get in the holiday spirit and consider giving the greatest gift of all – the gift of life – by registering as an organ donor.

Since Service BC and BC Transplant launched their unique awareness partnership in April 2015, 30,485 new donors have registered through Service BC.

Between April and September of this year, almost 12,000 new registrations were received through Service BC, more than tripling the number over the same period in 2015.

“In our line of work, we know that organ donation can help families through the grieving and healing process following their loss,” said Dr. Sean Keenan, medical director for organ donation, BC Transplant.

“When we’re able to show a family their loved one’s registration form already filled out, it makes that difficult decision easier, and it gives the family comfort to know they’re following through on the wishes of their loved one. Organ donation is life changing for donor families – and for transplant recipients, it’s life-saving.”

Registering as an organ donor only takes a moment and is easier than ever. The staff at all 62 Service BC locations in communities throughout the province can provide information on organ donation and help residents register their decision on site.

Registration is simple and confidential – and could enable someone waiting for an organ transplant to celebrate the holidays with their family at this time next year.

“I have received an incredible gift that surpasses anything I could ever have imagined,” said Elizabeth Edward, heart transplant recipient.

“There are no words to truly express my gratitude, but I try to honour my donor and donor family by living my gratitude in many ways, including through my volunteer work in transplant and patient advocacy.”

British Columbians can register online using a computer or mobile device:

Quick Facts:

  • More than 95% of British Columbians support organ donation. Only 20% have registered their decision to be a donor.
  • Close to 638 British Columbians are currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.
  • Nearly 516 of the people on the list are waiting for a kidney, while 25 are waiting for a liver transplant.
  • BC Transplant received a record breaking 21,577 new organ donor registrations in July, August and September 2016, after surpassing one million registered British Columbians in the Organ Donor Registry in June.
  • A decal on your driver’s licence is no longer enough. A potential donor can check their status or register using a BC Services Card or CareCard:
  • You can register no matter how old you are. Canada’s oldest organ donor on record was 93 years of age.
  • BC Transplant, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority, provides provincial oversight for all organ donation and transplantation activities in B.C.

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