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Letter: Time for improvements to animal welfare

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 14th, 2016

To The Editor:

Once again the Conservatives are largely responsible for the continuing inhumane treatment of animals in Canada. Only two Conservative MP’s were capable of recognizing animal sentience with a yes vote for Bill C-246 which was an attempt to improve animal welfare.

Not only does this show a disregard for animal cruelty, it is also a complete lack of consideration for the opinions of a very large percentage of Canadian citizens.

A poll taken in 2012 showed that 88% of Canadians were against the testing of cosmetics on animals.

A more recent poll showed that 94% of Canadians were in favor of improvements to animal welfare. The Conservatives continue to ignore scientific proof of animal sentience, and the International wave of support against animal cruelty.

Even the Canadian division of companies such as Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, A&W, Boston Pizza and Subway, have acknowledged public outcry against battery cages for laying hens by committing to purchasing eggs from free-run farms.

Conservative Robert Sopuck has claimed that this Bill puts the practice of fishing, hunting, trapping, and livestock farming in danger.

This statement is a broad generalization which does not accurately describe this Bill. Specifying a ban on removing only the fin on a shark will not endanger the entire fishing industry.

Banning battery cages or introducing more humane methods of slaughter will not end livestock farming. And not being allowed to engage in shooting a captive animal which has been liberated to be shot at the moment of release, will not end hunting.

I challenge all Canadians to do what our political representatives fear the most — research the information that they are misleading us with and learn the actual facts on the issue.

Judy Galley, Sorrento, BC

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