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To gazebo or not to gazebo

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
October 16th, 2016

A request by the city’s Chinese-Canadian community to construct a commemorative gazebo downtown has been delayed during a recent Nelson City Council meeting.

The proposed creation of a symbolic Chinese gazebo would be built over the existing commemorative Chinatown rock located at the corner Vernon and Hall streets.

The Commemorative Chinatown Rock was dedicated in 2011 at the corner of Hall and Vernon — an entrance to Chinatown — as the first physical acknowledgement of the direct historical contribution by local Chinese to the development of the city.

During the meeting Nelson City Council referred the request back to staff for further information.

A report must be done that includes a recommendation for the preferred location of the gazebo — in consultation with the Chinese-Canadian community project coordinator — that is free of sight line issues and utility conflicts to place the proposed gazebo and commemorative Chinatown Rock.

During the July 18 committee-of-the-whole meeting, the Chinese-Canadian Community asked about the possibility of the installation of a Chinese-style gazebo over the Commemorative Chinatown Rock at the intersection of Vernon and Hall street.

The proposal involves construction of a 14-foot tall, eight-foot, six-inch wide wooden gazebo on the corner.

“While there are a number of concerns that have been identified with the proposed location of the Chinese-style gazebo, the project represents an attractive and unique street amenity feature that is rich in cultural history,” read a city staff report to city council.

It was suggested that the development services and engineering departments could work with the proponents in identifying a suitable location to feature the gazebo and Commemorative Chinatown Rock that was free of sight line issues and utility conflicts.

If the proponents are amenable to considering an alternative location, it was suggested by city staff that the engineering/building code requirements could also be addressed at the time that the alternative location was identified.

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