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The end is near as RDCK confirms Aquatic Centre to re-open October 17

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
August 17th, 2016

The public will want to set the alarm clock to wake up early on Monday, October 17 because that is the day the Nelson and District Community Complex Aquatic Centre is cutting the ribbon to re-open.

“Our staff, our project team and probably many of our patrons are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now that we’ve set our opening date,” said Marty Benson, Recreation Manager for the NDCC in a media release.
“This has really been a typical renovation project so far. We’ve uncovered unexpected damage where we didn’t know it existed, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised in other areas of the building where the structure is still in excellent condition after 40 years of use.” 

Benson said the renovation project is now nearing completion with the pool basin tile completed and crews moving to the deck.

A 30,000-pound rooftop unit has been hoisted onto the reinforced Aquatic Centre roof and flooring for the cardio room will soon be ordered. Most electrical and mechanical infrastructure improvements are done.  

Benson said unexpected damage included extensive rot in the walls and floors of the cardio room due to historic poor drainage that has now been fixed.

Additional damage included disintegrating cinder blocks on the exterior wall of the Hall Street side of the building where condensation accumulated over the decades due to the absence of a properly constructed inner wall. Crews are now replacing those concrete blocks and mortar in preparation for painting.
“We’ve spent so long demolishing and reconstructing, we don’t want to rush the finishing. We want the trades to take their time and finish this well,” said Benson.  
By following a construction management model for the project, Benson says the RDCK has been able to hire largely local tradespeople who have been adaptable to meeting tight timelines and completing discrete sections of the project at a set cost.   
All work within the original project scope is still on budget with an expected total cost of $5.825 million. Any money remaining in the project’s $126,000 contingency fund will go toward repairing the cardio room, estimated to cost $175,000.  
The RDCK received $4.597 million for the project from the federal Gas Tax Fund this past spring and will contribute a further $723,000 to finance the project. No borrowing or increases in taxation will be required.
“I have to compliment the staff for their ability to adapt and to thank the public for continuing to use our facility even with so many disruptions during construction,” said Valerie Warmington, Chair of the Nelson and District Recreation Commission.

“Our attendance numbers are good and this bodes well for our October grand opening. I’m really excited to hear what people think about our renovated facility when they see it for the first time.”  
A detailed description of construction zone activities and expected disruptions to service as a result is available on the RDCK website and has been posted at the NDCC.  

Anyone interested in signing their family up for swim lessons or other aquatic programs this fall can contact the Aquatic Centre directly at 250-354-4386.

Online registration will be available on August 29th. 

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