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New Student Access Card to the Nelson Public Library benefits Area E students

By Contributor
March 24th, 2016

Students who live in Area E will now be eligible for a Student Access Card at the Nelson Public Library.

The pilot project supported by Area E Director Ramona Faust through community grant funds allows students living outside of the Nelson Library’s service area to enjoy the same barrier-free access to library materials that other students enjoy.

At a referendum on Library service that took place in 2010, the majority of Area E residents voted in favour of subscription-based library access rather than universal access supported by taxation.

This put students of Blewett and Redfish schools, as well as students of Trafalgar and LV Rogers schools who reside in Area E, at a disadvantage.

When the topic came up as an area of concern at a recent school principals meeting in Nelson, Chief Librarian June Stockdale decided it was time to take action.

“I reached out to Area E director Ramona Faust, who agreed that all students should have equal access to the Library,” she says.

“We’re delighted that she saw the need and took the initiative to fund the program.”

Area E students from K – 12 will be eligible for the new 5-item Student Access Card. This way, Area E students looking for school research materials, wanting to access online resources, or just wanting to read for pleasure will be able to check out items from the Nelson Library.

The card is not transferable to other family members.  Area E families are still free to purchase family memberships at the regular rate, with which each family member may borrow up to 20 items.

“I hope this program will allow all children of Area E to enjoy the wonder of stories” says Area E Director Ramona Faust.  

“It is important that educators can take advantage of what the library has to offer without leaving Area E children out.”

The Student Access Card is a one year pilot project. For more information go to or call 352-6333.

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