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Nelson Teachin on Climate geared to getting leaders moving on real action for a clean energy future

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March 2nd, 2016

Getting Canada really moving on fighting climate change was the focus for over 70 people who came out for the Nelson TeachIn last week (Wednesday, February 24th.)

“We can let them know we want real cuts to emissions this time,” said Keith Wiley one of the organizers, about the First Ministers’ meeting on climate coming up March 3rd in Vancouver.

Postcards, letters and email addresses of First Ministers and environment ministers were passed out at the meeting so participants can put pressure on for progress at the Vancouver meet up. 

Prime Minister Trudeau called the meeting within 90 days of the Paris Climate Summit to discuss how Canada will meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is a crucial time to let them know Canadians want real action on confronting this global issue,” said Laura Sacks from Citizens Climate Lobby who emceed the TeachIn.

At the Teachin, Mike Geisler talked about the BC commitments and ongoing consultation on the province’s climate policy. “Ultimately, BC policy will have to correspond as well to the measures coming out of the Vancouver meeting,” he said.

United Church Minister David Boyd discussed the moral imperative of change, and the new enlightenment of living in harmony with the planet and our environment rather than merely exploiting it.

LV Rogers student Gillian Wiley told the Teachin about Monday’s (February 29th) Leap Day sit-in students at the high school are holding to show support for the Leap Manifesto. 

The Manifesto is the plan for changes to beat climate change that was issued last year by author Naomi Klein and a number of prominent Canadians, including David Suzuki and Maude Barlow.

Rob Macrae, a Selkirk College instructor, brought his “message box” to reiterate that moving to renewable energy is necessary, cheaper and can be a major engine for jobs in our economy.  “!00% Renewable, 100% Affordable, 100% Possible,” was on Macrae’s “message box”.

“I felt really optimistic and energized to push for a strong Canadian plan,” said local author Diana van Eyk, after the meeting.

“It’s time to put Canadians to work building our clean energy future,” she said.

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