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Louis Bockner photography show at the Nelson Public Library

By Contributor
March 11th, 2016

When photographer Louis Bockner sees an image he wants to capture, it’s not always the image you’d expect.

With a canny eye for the unique, Bockner’s lens may settle on the landscape — or on its reflection. It might seek the star-scatter of superimposed long exposures, or uncover the subtle planes and textures of animal bones. Bockner’s photographs, now on display at the Nelson Public Library, cast an artist’s eye on the world we live in.
It’s a long way from Argenta to New York, but that’s where Bockner chose to study, at the New York Institute of Photography.

He further honed his skills at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, studying professional photography and photojournalism, before returning to his roots. Now back in the Kootenays, he makes his living on portraiture and candid event coverage, including Shambhala music festival. He also teaches beginner photography.

“This work is a showcase of the ‘other’ photography that I do. The photographs where people aren’t at the forefront,” he says.

“I try to do some kind of justice to the breathtaking beauty I see every day. Some of it is a bit dark while some it purely playful, offering a glimpse into where I have been and what I have seen.”
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The exhibition continues until the end of April at the Nelson Public Library.

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