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LETTER: Dear Erwin Malzer — What can you be thinking?

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
March 2nd, 2016

To The Editor:

Dear Erwin Malzer:

This is to register my strongest objection to your crass and anti-social decision to kill 29 jobs in Nelson and something like 70 other family supporting jobs by centralizing and PRIVATIZING this service.

What can you be thinking?

Once again we are exposed to the kind of efficiency-at-any-cost philosophy of a corporation that might make car parts.

The Nelson laundry service has been shown to be efficient by your own analysis. Yet because some reinvestment is inevitably necessary, which should have been budgeted by you, you decide to wreck the lives of these workers and upset the management of the hospital so you can enrich Kelowna.

With this you get the bonus of having southern interior residents detest the whole concept of health authorities.

As an organization IHA needs to look deeper into the social contracting that is necessary to have a clientele and work force that respects you.

Your decision to centralize a service that needs no centralization, adds hugely to your carbon foot print, is a wrong one and must be reversed.

Bill Wells, Kaslo

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