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Additional feedback sought on preliminary Railtown and Cottonwood Market designs; survey period open until end of March

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 9th, 2016

Nelson Mayor Deb Kozak is asking for more input from the public on the future of Railtown and Cottonwood Market.

In a city media release, Kozak said following a successful open house in late February, additional feedback is being sought on preliminary Railtown and Cottonwood Market designs through a survey period from now until end of March.

“We’ve had great success on the preliminary plans for Railtown, with a lot of public involvement over a short period of time,” Kozak said.

“But we want to continue to provide an opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and ideas, as we don’t want to miss any feedback.”
“So folks should make the effort to look at the latest preliminary plans for the district – they’re thoughtful, and very interesting. I think Nelson residents for the most part, like what they’re seeing,” Kozak adds.

The City of Nelson and its 20-member Railtown Planning stakeholder group have received a comprehensive collection of directions, maps and options outlining proposed concepts for the Railtown Sustainable Neighborhood Plan and the Cottonwood Market .

Now it’s time for public input, which can be found by visiting to view the latest Railtown and Cottonwood Market plans, and to complete the Railtown and Cottonwood Market survey.

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