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Whitewater Ski Team Goes Big

By Contributor
February 11th, 2016

By Graham Tracey

The Whitewater ski team has made history this season with a record- breaking enrollment of 140 athletes, 7 of whom are on their way to the BC games after qualifiers at Red Mountain in mid January.

“When you consider that only 20 athletes go to the games from the entire Kootenay Zone,’ said head coach Dylan Henderson, ‘we as a team feel we’re pulling our weight nicely.’”

Fueling the nearly 200% enrollment increase is one of the snowiest winters in recent memory, with Whitewater Resort leading the North American pack in snowfall. Long-time ski team president Tracy Punchard is serving her last shift as fearless leader, with this season being a most fitting farewell for someone who has had such a large part to play in the club’s current upturn.

“Being a part of the ski team is as much fun as skiing itself. The team’s success has been very rewarding,” said Tracy.

This excitement was easy to see at last week’s Rio Tinto Nancy Greene Ski League race at Phoenix Mountain near Grand Forks.

The sun broke through the clouds first thing in the morning, the mountain was covered in plenty of wind-buffed powder, and the down home feeling at Phoenix reminded everyone how valuable small family ski hills are—and how important it is to preserve them.

As ribbons were presented and cheeseburgers were consumed, kids of varying ages continued to run up the mountain and throw snowballs. The League’s main intention to engender good sportsmanship and fun through skiing was never better witnessed.

In the following weeks, Whitewater Ski Team will participate in zone races and speed camps at Kimberley Alpine Resort, and then get set to break hearts at Salmo’s Nancy Greene race on February 14.

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