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The Little Brown Church in Riondel

By Contributor
January 27th, 2016

Riondel Community Church has been on Eastman Ave. right across from the Community Centre for fifty-seven years, so yes, in three years time there will be a Diamond Jubilee said chair Wendy Scott.

Scott said some people believe the church should wait until we reach our 75th year, but thanks to Queen Elizabeth II and, previously to Queen Victoria, and a few sultans, 60 years on the throne has been considered significant enough to warrant a diamond.

“I’m mentioning this because even though this building in Riondel has yet to reach its diamond year, the first Anglican service in Riondel was held on March 30, 1914 where Bob’s Bar sits now – and that service pre-dates the construction of the Bluebell Mine,” Scott explained.

Scott said one of the first priests to cross the lake from Balfour to conduct a service for the Protestant congregation was Canon Jim Hearne.

“Jim is still with us and is himself celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary with his dear wife, Colleen,” she said.

The church was built by energetic parishioners and everything you see inside – the altar, prayer desk, baptismal font, altar linen, altar cross, candlesticks, vases, even the church steps – all these and more came to the church as kind donations.

The record shows that ten people attended that first service in 1914. Now in 2016?

Scott said numbers have really not increased. Of course, expenses certainly have and donations to Riondel Community Church Circle are still gratefully accepted.

“We hope to plan an event in the spring to help with maintenance and up-keep in Riondel Church – ideally beyond our up-coming diamond year,” Scott said.

“The church is available of course for weddings, funerals and baptisms, and we hope to plan a concert in the spring. Until then, our Sunday services are posted on the church door and in the Eastshore Mainstreet.”

“Since our ministers still travel over mountains, up crooked roads and across the lake to reach us here in Riondel, it is a good idea to check with one of us to make sure the service time has not changed.

“Many thanks to all of you who have been so kind.

Other members of the executive include Lee Martin, treasurer Riondel Church; Fran O’Rourke, secretary and Susan Corry, treasurer Riondel Community Church Circle.

For more information contact Scott at 250-225-3381.

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