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Return of second year science opens doors to students at Selkirk College

Bob Hall
By Bob Hall
February 1st, 2015

The return of second year sciences at Selkirk College helps open doors to students interested in a variety of educational pathways.

Students looking for careers in medicine, pharmacy, laboratory research, dentistry, education and more can now get a two-year start in Selkirk College’s School of University Arts & Sciences (UAS).

“A student who is interested in science now has an option to stick around for a second year,” says David Feldman, Chair of the School of UAS.

“Depending on their pathway, they can now attain a full two-year Associate of Science Degree.”

At the end of the 2011-12 school year, fiscal challenges forced Selkirk College to make difficult decisions regarding many of its programs. One of the moves administration made was to suspend Selkirk’s second year science offerings.

New initiatives like the Rural Pre-Medicine Program has increased the number of students interested in science courses.

Offerings in chemistry and biology have expanded to fit with the first Rural Pre-Medicine Program cohort that started their three-year educational journey this past fall. Those courses are also available to students choosing different science pathways.

“For many students, college can be a better choice than jumping right into university,” says Feldman. “The small classes and the attention students get at Selkirk College is the biggest advantage, but there are other social and economic reasons why it makes sense.”

All Selkirk College UAS courses are articulated and have transfer options to universities and colleges across the province under the British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer.

The expanded offerings have also enabled the Selkirk College science faculty to bring more of their vast knowledge to the classrooms and labs on the Castlegar Campus.

“We have very qualified faculty who could be teaching third and fourth year courses, even graduate courses,” says Feldman. “Now the students will be able to access their expertise at this level as well as at the first-year level.”

Applications for the Associate of Science pathway at Selkirk College are now open and will be ongoing until September, but spaces are limited. Applications for the second Rural Pre-Medicine Program cohort are now being accepted with a deadline of March 31, 2015.

To find out more about science opportunities and pathways at Selkirk College contact David Feldman at or 250-365-1331.

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