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BC Nurses’ Union concerned about safe patient care at University Hospital of Northern BC

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February 6th, 2015

The University Hospital of Northern BC is so crowded, patients are lined up in the halls, spilling over into patient lounges and even being put in the shower room said BC Nurses’ Union Vice President Christine Sorensen in a written media release.

Sorensen toured the hospital this week and saw first-hand the extreme conditions patients are being forced to endure.

“I was absolutely appalled at the conditions. Nurses were trying to provide patient care in what some have described as a ‘mash unit.’ One patient had already spent seven days in a hallway next to the ambulance and RCMP entry door. This is not the way to provide safe patient care!”

The hospital has also moved patients into a room which was supposed to be reserved only for possible Ebola cases.

BCNU President Gayle Duteil says it’s a BC-wide problem and nurses everywhere are scrambling to cope with overwhelming increases in patients.

“Congestion in hospitals is made worse by the fact there are so many more patients, but not enough nurses. When the health authorities fail to call in extra staff, as is legally required by the contract, nurses ability to provide safe patient care is compromised.”

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