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Survey can help determine what municipal candidates think of environment and sustainability

By Contributor
November 2nd, 2014

Climate change and a sustainable environment are major concerns of voters in every election, in most parts of the world now. 

It is important to find out about the environmental views of West Kootenay candidates in the municipal election coming up November 15.

Concerned citizens got together and agreed to survey the candidates on key environmental questions. The results of the survey will be released on November 6.

Citizens are invited to take the survey now and compare what they value and want with those of their candidates. The public’s survey responses will also be released on November 6.

“We’re hoping that the candidates will be at least as ambitious as the public, who take the survey,” said Thomas Nixon of Kootenays for a Pipeline-Free BC.

“I’m hoping candidates reveal some real plans and actions for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible Nelson and not just empty promises and greenwash.”

“We wanted voters to be able to take the survey themselves and then compare their responses to those of their candidates to help them make their decisions at the polls on November 15,” said David Reid, West Kootenay EcoSociety.

“The survey was sent out to candidates in Nelson, Castlegar and the surrounding districts, and so far we’ve had a good number of responses,” said Antoinette Halberstadt of the local Dogwood Initiative team.

“When a candidate chooses not to complete the survey, it really speaks volumes to where they are at with environmental, community and democratic values. I hope they all choose to complete the survey so the voters can see where they stand on these super important issues.”

Take the public survey online:

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