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Candidate Pat Severyn explains to The EcoCentric why he should be next mayor of Nelson

Bruce Edson
By Bruce Edson
October 20th, 2014

The mayoral candidate with the mustache speaks with The  EcoCentric.

In an interview this week on “The EcoCentric” on Kootenay Co-op Radio, Pat Severyn told listeners why he thinks he should be Nelson’s next Mayor.

Listen to complete interview between Bruce Edson and candiate Pat Severyn, here.

“A mayor isn’t the boss of the city,” he said to host Bruce Edson, noting that a primary role of the mayor is to be a good facilitator.

Severyn has invited all the council candidates to use an office space he rented for his campaign.

“That’s my team concept, right from the start,” he said.

When asked about Nelson’s economy, he was quick to reference the influence of marijuana production money, as well as the “anthill” nature of downtown.

“The people of Nelson have a mindset,” he said, “we all work together and we have to continue to do that.”

When asked if he had any specific priorities for the downtown area he pointed out the need for a restroom.

Regarding the Hall Street development, he said he would like to see the plan revisited.

Severyn also said some cuts might have to be made to free up money for essential services.

“We have a multimillion dollar pie out there… and we have to find a place where we can make some cuts so we can funnel more money into our infrastructure so we can make sure its kept up.”

Yet he also said that bringing “clean industry” to the town was a priority, but was cautious about putting up roadblocks for development.

 “ . . . we can’t make it too difficult and turn people away. It’s a tightrope you walk, nowadays” he said.

Severyn expressed a concern that the majority of the glass that we recycle ends up in the landfill, and said climate change will be a huge issue in the next 10 years.

“I would like to think that the citizens of Nelson can be directed not though regulations but through conscience to actually start thinking about climate change… and do little things, a lot of little things makes one big thing.”

Regarding composting policy, Severyn highlighted the relationship between the Regional District and the City.

“Lets make a real amicable relationship with the Regional District when it comes to composting instead of being argumentative. And let’s come up with a plan together.”

“We have to …. That is part of my mandate : to get something done with the composting program.”

When asked about the Ecosave program, Severyn said he hasn’t studied it enough to offer an opinion.

An absence of municipal political experience doesn’t seem to phase the Mayoral hopeful. Severyn thinks his time with the Catholic Diocese and Council, with the Catholic Public School Society and with the Nelson Police Association is a good background for the job.

“There is a big difference between experience and time spent… Everyone has to start somewhere” he said.

“People know they can come to me and I will be a voice for everybody – I’m that kind of guy.”

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