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Drivers making the right decisions

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July 3rd, 2014

BC RCMP kicked off the long weekend impaired driving enforcement with a plea from the victim of a horrific crash in 2010.

Unable to attend school or work after suffering a brain injury, 23-year-old Alyssa Alanis pleaded with drivers, and their passengers, to consider the consequences of their decision.

The results?

Though no impaired-driving fatalities have been reported between June 27 and July 2 on roads policed by BC RCMP, police officers still found more than 20 impaired drivers per day, removing 82 impaired drivers from BC roads.

“Targeted police enforcement , the plea from Alyssa, and public responsibility around safe driving saved lives this Canada Day long weekend,” says Corporal Robert Mc Donald of BC RCMP Traffic Services.

The preliminary numbers indicate:

  • 12 novice drivers (no alcohol permitted) were issued 12 hours suspension.
  • 20 drivers had their drivers licenses suspended for 24 hours due to alcohol consumption
  • 62 drivers provided samples in the warn range, resulting in 3 or 7 day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions
  • 77 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions were issued to drivers who failed the approved screening device or refused to provide a sample
  • 3 Drivers were charged with Criminal Code Impaired Driving by Alcohol
  • 2 Drivers were charged with Criminal Code Impaired Driving by Drugs
  • 11 drivers received drug related 24Hrs suspension.

The numbers are positive compared to last year. At first glance the number of charges for this year is lower than last year for the same time. In comparison, from June 27 to July 2, 2013, the RCMP Charged 186 Impaired Drivers.

 “The lack of drug or alcohol-involved fatalities over the extended long weekend, shows that more and more drivers are making the right decisions. But one impaired driver on BC roads is one too many. The RCMP across BC will continue to CounterAttack road blocks all summer long, targeting drivers that continue to put you, me and our families at risk by choosing to drive after consuming alcohol and/or drugs,” said Cpl Mc Donald “E” Division Traffic Services

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