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Yard waste burning period begins Saturday — but residents still need a permit

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 9th, 2014

Nelson Fire Department has authorized a two-week period when city residents can burn yard waste, such as leaves, branches and tree clippings.

Fire Chief Simon Grypma made the announcement in a written press release.

The approved period begins Saturday (April 12) until (Saturday) April 26.

The burn period excludes Easter Sunday.

“This burn period is for the purpose of reducing difficult-to-access yard waste such as tree clippings,” Grypma explained.

“Those wishing to burn must have a valid permit and follow the Corporation of the City of Nelson Bylaw #3241, specifically Section 5.5 Yard Waste Burning.”

Chief Grypma said permits must be acquired in person, at the Nelson Fire Department, located at 919 Ward Street.

Cost is $10 fee and can be paid by cash or cheque at the time of issuance.

Residents must also provide proof of fire insurance.

The Fire Department continues to encourage home owners to bring yard waste to the Lakeside Drive Transfer Station, which charges $5/load up to 2.5 cubic meters ($50/ton for large loads; $25/ton if chipped).

Chief Grypma said residents will be required to follow the Ministry of Environment’s Venting Index guidelines and burn only on days when venting is listed as “Fair to Good” the day of and “Fair to Good” the following day.

This minimizes any accumulation of smoke-caused air pollution.

Residents are also being required to report to Nelson Fire & Rescue on the days of scheduled burning.

Contravention of Bylaw #3241may be met with suspension or revocation of the permit and/or a fee for service as set out under Sections, 5.8 Suspension of Fire Permits, 5.10 Suspension of Burning, and 5.11Burning Without a Required Permit.

The City of Nelson Bylaw #3241is found on the City of Nelson Website.

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