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Citizens in Nelson hosts National Day of Action rally Monday noon

By Contributor
March 31st, 2014

Citizens in Nelson is holding a rally, Monday, March 31 as part of the National Day of Action for a new Health Accord to protect and strengthen public health care.

“All across Canada events are being held to pressure our federal government to supporting and protecting our universal public medicare system,” says Pegasus, representative for the Council of Canadians and Nelson Area Society for Health.

“We are raising our voices here in the Kootenays, for a strong federal government role in guaranteeing our non-profit health care system.”

The rally is planned for Noon at Nelson City Hall.

The news release said the Conservative government is refusing to negotiate new federal funding for public health care across Canada, a new Health Accord.  Instead they are planning to cut $36 billion from federal funding over the next ten years. 

The Conservatives’ failure to reach a new health accord will lead to the creation of a patchwork and unequal system of health care across the country.


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