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Facilitator called in to help kickstart teacher bargaining

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
February 5th, 2014

Already talks between the government and the B.C. teachers’ union has hit an impass, forcing the two sides to call in a facilitator.

The B.C. Public School Employers Association had scheduled bargaining for Wednesday and Thursday with the BCTF.

But the sides will now meet next week with the assistance of facilitator Mark Brown.

The parties have also agreed to bargain later this month and in March.

The impass is due to the government’s decision to appeal a court ruling in favour of the teachers’ union, announced Tuesday by Education Minister Peter Fasbender.

Last week the B.C. Supreme Court ruling last week the BCTF $2 million because the government’s violated the teacher’s bargaining rights.

The court decision ruled Liberal government legislation brought in two years ago was nearly identical to a law that had already been struck down and those the actions were meant to provoke a strike by the BCTF.

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