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2014 wish list for Nelson's movers and shakers

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
January 6th, 2014

For the movers and shakers in Nelson, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and buckle down to work on keeping Nelson up and running for the 2014-year.

Whether it’s Senior’s issues, jobs in the region, the start of the Nelson Commons building construction, taxation or the local economy, 2014 looks to be exciting time for the Heritage City.

The Nelson Daily reporter Randi Jensen caught up with several people in the know during the holiday break to ask them their thoughts on 2014.

Here’s a sample of the answers as Senior’s advocate Joan Reichardt, the chair of the Regional District of Central Kootenay John Kettle, Nelson Mayor John Dooley, Chamber Executive Director Tom Thomson, Vivian Bowers Executive Director of the Osprey Foundation and Nelson 2013 Cultural Ambassador Lucas Myers shared some of their thoughts on the New Year.

The Nelson Daily: What do you wish for the Nelson area in 2014?

John Dooley, Nelson Mayor

I am hoping we see continued steady growth in our population and development in and around our City.

Joan Reichardt – retired, Seniors Coordinating Society

As far as Seniors are concerned, in Nelson there is generous support from City Council and the community at large. Althought this support is somewhat unique to this area and I hope to see it continue and grow in 2014.

John Kettle – RDCK Area B and Board Chair

My wish is for everyone to be in good health and to have secure jobs. It is my hope that people living in the Kootenays can stay in the Kootenays. That economic sustainability can be created here to keep us from becoming a bedroom community to Fort McMurray or other economic entities outside our area.

Vivian Bowers – The Osprey Foundation, Executive Director

I hope that we continue to be a vibrant, active community that collectively celebrates, collaborates and cares for its own.   

Tom Thomson – Nelson Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

I would hope that our business community has a prosperous year, as more consumers commit to “Thinking Local First” with their purchases, which in the long term will provide for a more sustainable future.

Lucas Myers, 2013 City of Nelson Cultural Ambassador

I wish for all the citizens of Nelson to continue to support the Arts by going to plays, going to galleries and going to see bands.  Nelson has an amazing amount of things going on but they all rely on people engaging.  Engage!

TND: Any big issues you can foresee in the year ahead?

John Dooley: One of the issues facing us in 2014 will be the need for the Federal Government to follow through on their commitment to deliver funding for the Long Term Infrastructure program.   

Joan Reichardt: Transportation is a large and looming issue for Seniors. There needs to be preparation and planning as they loose their independence and ability to drive. As long as we all work together we will come up with a solution for sure.

John Kettle: A big issue for the RDCK is taxation. To do the best job for the taxpayer, keeping budgets in line while providing excellent service. Democracy is the most difficult political structure to deal with problems but ultimately it creates the best solutions because everyone’s views can be considered. At the end of the day, ‘be thankful for what we have.’

Vivian Bowers: Nelson has more than its share of ‘hidden’ issues such as poverty, especially child poverty, and mental illness. Kudos to the local organizations that are working together to address these issues.

Tom Thomson: We are looking forward to the roll out of the Broadband Fibre Optic network through the downtown Nelson. There are a number of tremendous commercial applications. There is a strong demand for the service from a cross section of the business sectors we spoke with, including tourism accommodators, the Tech sector, building owners,  professional services, and medical professionals.  There is also a strong belief that the technology will make it easier to recruit new employees, provide new job and business opportunities, and can eventually help improve health and education service delivery. 

Lucas Myers: As for issues for the year ahead, I am curious and excited about all of the downtown improvement projects such as the Nelson Commons, the Hall Street project and the Train Station.  It reminds me of when they refurbished all the storefronts on Baker Street, revealing all the amazing character, but in this case they are figuring out what the character will look like. I encourage everyone to get involved and stay informed as this process will affect what our town will look like!

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