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The Nelson Daily readers, Merry Christmas from Santa Claus

By Contributor
December 24th, 2013

He’s quite the busy man.

However, before Santa Claus made the trip out to the workshop for some last minuute gift ideas, the jolly man in the red suit agreed to draft a column to all The Nelson Daily readers.

But before we read the kind works of Santa, staff at The Nelson Daily want to wish all our readers, one very, Merry Christmas and the best in New Year 2014.

To all my favourite people in the Kootenays:
I had a chance again this year to visit your wonderful community in preparation for my big day and again I was impressed beyond words.
I have rare opportunity to travel world, to see the vast differences in people and every time my sleigh team lead me to Kootenays my heart is lifted by the warm radiant spirit of the holiday season.
I must admit I am biased to the beauty of the snow-capped mountains being from the north and you may catch me now and then shredding a few slopes at White and Red.
I also love to take in your rich heritage architecture, it seems each town has its own marvellous story to tell, I recommend all should come and visit it this time of year. 

I love to make trips to your unique shops for that special gift for Mrs. Claus.  Some of your hand crafted items are the envy of my elf team.
But the most important factor of the Kootenays is the people. Throughout your history you have pioneered, progressed and inspired. It sometimes only takes one person to start, but passion, tolerance and innovation are embraced by all.
This year was host to more celebrations, lights, fun and excitement throughout the Kootenays, then ever before.  From school plays, to the city parades Elves and Helpers of all ages where making the season festive.  I even got the chance to ride your rails on the beautiful Holiday Train.  
It seems to me that the Kootenays have more people on the nice list than they ever have before. Many experiences in this community are due to the selfless efforts of volunteers, they are my favourite nice list people. And this year even to my surprise the list includes members of City Councils and the Regional Districts. 

Over the year I have witnessed great efforts to work together in strategic forms of cooperation, keep up the good work.
I am also amazed at the outstanding positive attitude of your children, upon every visit I get to hear wonderful stories and wishes. Throughout the year good deeds are performed selflessly because it is in their nature. I look forward to leaving fun treats for children of all ages.
My Christmas wish to you is to keep believing, the spirit of the Holiday season is yours to enjoy and I look forward to visiting you on the 25th.

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