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Be a good Grinch at Christmas

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December 5th, 2013

Nobody likes a grinch during the holidays, especially on B.C.’s roads. As British Columbians make their way to shops and social events this month, the Province is asking everyone to give the gift of safer roads in their communities.

Give someone a ride.

  • Give the gift of a worry-free night out and keep your friends and family safe.
  • Volunteering to be a designated driver costs almost nothing – and it can save lives.
  • Seasonal CounterAttack road checks are out in full force throughout B.C. Drivers affected by alcohol will be held to account with immediate driving prohibitions, vehicle impoundments and financial penalties.

Give your keys to a friend.

  • It’s best to make plans for a way home before you go out. But if you do end up enjoying a spontaneous holiday celebration with alcohol, do not risk driving.
  • The risk of being in a fatal crash is, on average, seven times greater at a blood alcohol content (BAC) between .05 and .08, compared with driving sober.
  • Give yourself the night off and let someone else drive. Hire a taxi, take the bus, or carpool.

Give fellow road users a break.

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and ease up on the gas pedal.
  • Speed is the number one road safety problem – contributing to approximately 35 per cent of all fatal crashes in B.C.
  • Vehicles driven at greater than 40 kilometres per hour over the posted speed limit are immediately impounded in B.C. Their drivers are fined and three penalty points are added to their licences.

Give your cellphone a rest.

  • Leave your cellphone out of reach where it cannot tempt you, or give it to a friend to answer while you are driving.
  • Using a handheld electronic device while driving is extremely dangerous and against the law in B.C.
  • In addition to a fine of $167, emailing or texting while driving brings three penalty points against the driver’s licence.

Driving while affected by alcohol or drugs, speeding and distracted driving remain the top three causes of road fatalities in B.C. Don’t let negative behaviours tarnish the holidays for you and your family.

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