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Dawna (HarpPixie) McLennan plays Expressions Cafe November 29.

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November 19th, 2013

Dawna (HarpPixie) McLennan is an emerging singer-songwriter-harper-spokenword-poet, who released a debut CD titled ‘Silence Becomes Song’, September 2013.

The Kaslo resident is playing at Expressions Cafe (Friday) November 29.

She follows etheric trails left by a Pixie muse, to find songs and poems that pulsewith earthy imagery, and soar on borrowed pixie wings.

She plays the folk harp: a large, and sculptural, thirty-six-string instrument capableof deep resonant bass tones, as well as crystalline soprano tones. Her playing styleis chordal and rhythmic, weaving intriguing syncopated patterns, as foundation forpresenting her poetic vocals.

Harp Pixie also incorporates the use of a loop pedal,into her live performances, weaving haunting layers of vocal harmony.

Dawna (HarpPixie) McLennan peppers her singer-songwriter repertoire with original spoken-word pieces, presented with a theatrical sensibility, to evoke image-within-image-after-image, in the minds of the listeners.

This portion of her show generally surprises audiences, by re-acquainting them with the medium of poetry, mixed with storytelling, in a new and entertaining way.

Harp Pixie resides in the tiny village of Kaslo, in the Kootenays, near Nelson BC.

Inspiration percolates through the mountains, fresh creeks, and peaceful wilderness there. It seems the land, and maybe the nature spirits themselves, have stories to tell, through her strings and her voice.

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