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Bocephus King at the Vallican Whole

By Contributor
November 5th, 2013

Bocephus ‘Theolopolous’ King, Paul ‘Tiger’ Townsend, Wynston ‘The Professor Minckler and Charlie ‘Purple’ Hase are coming to Vallican Whole and bringing some new songs with them.

Bocephus King is slated to appears Friday, November 22 at the Vallican Whole.

The tunes are soulful, the band is cookin’ and by the end of the night they’ll have a hootenanny of a psychedelic dance party.

Seven years after unleashing his last album to the world, Bocephus King has continued his tradition of genre-defying music with the release of his latest and fifth album, Willie Dixon God Damn! (Tonic Records/Fontana North).

Told in a more contemporary, present voice, Willie Dixon God Damn! is the title of a new chapter in Bocephus King’s story and a continuation of his last album, the critically acclaimed  All Children Believe in Heaven, which left off with tales of 1950’s Hollywood heartbreakers, the Beats and poor lost souls.

As the title suggests, Willie Dixon God Damn! is an urgent album created from an eclectic concoction of ingredients, integrating literary and cinematic influences as well as the sounds of Eastern mysticism, soulful street carnival blues and border-town roots rock.

Tickets are $10 in advance at or $12 at the door.

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