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Pizza delivery method for trafficking crack and heroin

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October 6th, 2013

Richmond RCMP Organized Crime Unit has ended a six-month investigation with two arrests. 

Police began their investigation in February after receiving information of a new group trafficking in crack and heroin. 

The group was selling drugs using a dial a dope trafficking technique which operates much like a pizza delivery service. 

Characteristic of this technique addicts would call a drug line and place an order for drugs, in this case Crack Cocaine and Heroin which would then be delivered to their location. 

One person waits on the side of the road or in a vehicle for the arrival of another vehicle which then leads to a short meeting and exchange of money and drugs. 

The exchanges are quick and both parties leave in a hurry.
Through the course of this six month investigation, police identified two suspects who were arrested on September 19. 

Emerson Mendoza-Lopez faces eight counts for trafficking, he will be back in court October 10 and John Weiss faces one charge. 

Weiss is due back in court October 3. 

Both men are Richmond residents.

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