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The news just keeps getting brighter for Civic Theatre Society

By Contributor
October 1st, 2013

It might be a record for Annual General Meeting attendance in Nelson.

The Nelson Civic Theatre Society’s first AGM drew 290 members to the Theatre on Sunday, September 22 to enjoy a pre-meeting social followed by the meeting and a free movie.

“There were some who didn’t think we could do it,” said outgoing president Anne DeGrace, who explained that 10 percent of the membership was required to make a quorum.

“That meant we needed 212 members to show up in order to change the by-laws for the future. Really, we’re victims of our own success. Having more than 2,000 members is a happy problem.”

At the AGM, DeGrace reported on the Society’s accomplishments from City approval to occupation of the partly gutted space and subsequent clean-up, installation of seats, and reopening.

She noted the successful campaign that raised more than $180,000 for digital projection and sound, and the hiring of two project managers and a theatre manager, as well as support staff.

Financials were presented by Treasurer Rick Dietrich, with fundraising covered by Project manager Roger Ley.

Volunteer Coordinator Anna Purcell described the thousands of volunteer hours put in to date.

Programming challenges and triumphs reported by Theatre Manager Jason Asbell, who announced free monthly movie Mondays for NCTS members.

Two motions regarding changes to the by-laws in the NCTS constitution were passed after some friendly amendments from the floor.

NCTS Board members were appointed by acclamation and introduced by Vice President Marilyn Mint.

They are (continuing): John Brand, Rick Dietrich, Marilyn Mint, Darryl Santano, Ken Spencer, and (new): Don Johnston, Graeme Leadbeater, Mary Prothro, and Mark Stevens.

“We have a strong board with a range of expertise,” said Mint, who acknowledged that there was still much work to be done to achieve a three-screen multi-purpose theatre. “We’re in a great position going forward.”

More information about the Nelson Civic Theatre Society can be found at

Photo caption: The news was good when Civic Theatre project manager Roger Ley released numbers of fundraising during ceremony outside the theatre during the spring. And the news just keeps getting better.




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