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Green technology takes over Aldo’s Dry Cleaners

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 17th, 2013

Just think — no odors, no static, no more lint rolling garments, good for the environment and the lowest utility consumption of any dry cleaning machine on the planet.

After hearing Aldo’s Dry Cleaners at 659 Baker Street in Nelson had just purchased the Ipura Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine from Columbia Dry Cleaning Machines, customers just may want to return the family washer to the appliance store for a rebate and dry clean all the clothes in the house.

“We want to do our part to make our community environmentally friendly,” said owner/operator of Aldo’s Dry Cleaners Rob Richichi during a break in training on the new machine.

“I think this is the way of the future,” Richichi added.

The Ipura Hydrocarbon/Green Earth brings new technology to dry cleaning in Nelson, but not to the industry as Columbia Dry Cleaning has more than 2000 models worldwide after receiving its patent in 2005.

Instead of soaking cloths in solvent, the new Ipura Hydrocarbon machine uses a simple solvent spraying method whichcovers the outside of the clothing with cleaning product before air blows the dirt, which has adhered to the solvent, away.

“This machine cuts the energy used by two-thirds,” said Stephen Langiulli, president of Columbia Dry cleaning Machines.

“Cutting energy needed to power the machine, cutting the product needed put into the machine which reduces costs, there’s no reason why not to purchase the machine,” Langiulli adds.

“Usually the “Green process” ends up costing more money but here it’s the exact opposite.”

Richichi has been an advocate for reforming the dry cleaning industry for a long time.

For the past two years he’s researched company after company before deciding on the Ipura Hydrocarbon machine.

“I’ve had to go all over North America to find this product but I still wasn’t sold on this technology working,” he explained.

“But we just did seven loads and I can tell you this (machine) cleans every bit as good as traditional way that was used before.”

Richichi also is amazed there is no smell that generally is associated with traditional dry cleaning.

“It’s good for my employees,” Richichi exclaimed. “It’s good for the customers. It’s good for me. It’s good for my four-year-old, who’s in here a lot.”

As owner/operator of Aldo’s Dry Cleaners, Richichi welcomes the public to his Baker Street location to give those dress pants or that special dress a cleaning using the new technology.

He knows customers are going to just as excited as staff at Aldo’s Dry Cleaners.

“I’m a user,” said the Nelson native.

“I’ve researched this machine and I’m extremely happy . . .. And I know my customers will be as well.”

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