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Fuel mitigation process begins near Tenth Street Campus

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October 17th, 2013

In continuing with City Council’s Climate Change Action Strategy priority and after consultation with users groups, neighborhood residents, Mountain Lakes Seniors’ facility, IHA, Selkirk College and Construction staff, the City of Nelson is continuing with the Wildfire Fuel Reduction Program as planned. The work will be completed by Debri Resources Ltd. on property bordering the City of Nelson, near Svoboda Road, Mary Hall and Mountain Lakes Seniors’ facility.

Funding will be provided by approved grants from the UBCM Operational Fuel Treatment Program.

Treatment in this area was partially completed in 2011 and halted when funding ran out. The area will be receiving a much needed cleanup to protect the forest and City of Nelson residents from a substantial wildfire event. This work will also provide increased protection to the nearby homes, schools and seniors’ residences.

The work will begin by harvesting the identified dangerous trees; many of which have already collapsed on their own.

However several other trees need to be harvested systematically to protect both the public and the contractors. Many of these trees will remain on the forest floor but some of them will remain standing and be reduced in size to take on the status of wildlife trees.

To do this work safely, access to the trails and surrounding area will be restricted, or in some cases, closed to the public as early as next week October 15, 2013 for the duration of operation work periods and will be posted closed.

Nelson Fire and Rescue thanks the public for their input in this restoration project and appreciates your patience while this work is completed. If you have not been contacted directly at this time and require more information please do not hesitate to call.


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