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Help for the computer-baffled at the Nelson Public Library

By Contributor
September 26th, 2013

For some of us, our computer-based world can seem baffling. Google is now a verb. Tweeting is no longer for the birds. Your favourite novel might live in a cloud. And trapping won’t solve your mouse problems. What’s a digitally baffled person to do?

The answer lies in the Community Access Program at the Nelson Public Library. This federally-funded program offers free one-on-one training with a computer-savvy person in a friendly environment.

Beginning this week, appointments can be booked with the Library’s new CAP staffperson Amanda Firth to learn basic navigation, internet search, Microsoft programs, email, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, Youtube,  and how to download ebooks and audiobooks.

Call 352-6333 or email to book an appointment and get unbaffled. The program runs until the end of March.

Photo caption:  Amanda Firth gives Nelson resident Bob Blenderman some computer pointers.

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