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Elderly Comox Valley woman gets better to purse snatcher

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
September 21st, 2013

A Comox Valley resident got the better of a thief during a snatch-and-grab attempt of a purse the woman’s home Wednesday.

Just after 1 p.m. on (September 18), RCMP said a middle aged man came knocking at homes in the Cowichan Avenue area in Courtenay.

The man said he was looking for work doing odd jobs. When declined by one homeowner, he asked for a glass of water and a tissue.

At this point the 91-year-old woman allowed the man inside.

Police said while the Good Samaritan was distracted the man is then reported to have grabbed some cash from the woman’s purse.

Quick actions by the woman resulted in her getting her cash back and the man taking off.

“We are reminding the public to call in any unwanted solicitors and suspicious persons in their neighborhood,” Cst. Nicole Hall of the Comox Valley RCMP, Crime Prevention Unit explained.

“Business licenses are also required depending on where you live. Please also lock up your valuables in an effort to prevent being a victim of theft.”

Patrols in the area by the RCMP did not locate the man, however, police did find that he had been at other homes. There were also thefts from several unlocked vehicles in the area around the same time.

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