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ElectroRecycle Ambassadors in Nelson beginning Monday

By Contributor
August 11th, 2013

The ElectroRecycle Ambassadors are hitting the road again this year with a mission to encourage more British Columbians to recycle their small household appliances and power tools.

Beginning Monday (August 12-14), the Ambassadors will be in Nelson where they will visit the local recycling depot and take part in the Nelson Downtown Local Market.

To date, Nelson residents have collected more than 23,041 kgs. of electrical products.

The ElectroRecycle summer Ambassador program will continue until August 30 and will see six students travel across B.C. to raise awareness and educate communities about ElectroRecycle, the not-for-profit province-wide recycling program for small appliances and other household electrical products.

“The recycling message clearly resonates with British Columbians, which was evident from the positive response and province-wide support our Ambassador program received last year,” said Darrell Clarke, president, Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association, the organization that manages ElectroRecycle. “

We are thrilled to roll out the program again this year on an expanded scale. We have increased the number of Ambassadors this summer with the goal to connect with more communities to ultimately increase the number of small appliances and power tools being recycled in this province.”

ElectroRecycle provides an environmentally friendly alternative for a variety of electrical products such as toasters, blenders, irons, sewing machines and electric toothbrushes that would otherwise end up in landfills.

There are more than 135 drop-off locations throughout B.C., providing an accessible and convenient recycling option for British Columbians. The location in Nelson is the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre at 120 Silica Street.

ElectroRecycle was launched in October 2011 to meet a recycling mandate from the provincial Ministry of the Environment.

It is the first recycling program of its kind in Canada, and the only government-approved recycling program in B.C. for electrical appliances. To find out more about ElectroRecycle and where to recycle your small appliances and power tools, visit

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