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Kamloops police investigate report of teen sexually assaulted at bush party

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June 19th, 2013

Kamloops Rural RCMP and Kamloops Serious Crime Unit are investigating allegations of a sexual assault that occurred at a grad bush party overnight in the Tree Flats area of Barnhartvale.

Extra resources were scheduled to conduct road blocks for the party, where there were several liquor seizures made and a drug seizure. Officers estimate that there were 1000 kids in the area from various high schools.

A report was received on the morning of June 19th that a 17-year-old female had gone home from the party and reported the incident to her parents, who then took her to Royal Inland Hospital and notified police.

It was reported that she had become separated from her friends, and was approached by a male unknown to her, who eventually took her into the bush area and sexually assaulted her.

The female was able to make a cell phone call to get picked up from the party and police were contacted later.

“As this event strongly resembles recent cases that have been largely publicized, RCMP investigators believe there are individuals who witnessed what took place and have photographs of the incident.  We want to see this case unfold differently for this victim, compared to what has happened in the past” said Cpl. Cheryl Bush.  

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Kamloops Rural RCMP at (250)314-1800 or call Crime Stoppers. 

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