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RCMP recognize work of two operator for 35 years of service

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April 21st, 2013

A recently retired East Kootenay tow operator and his wife were recognized and thanked for over 35 years of work in road safety partnership.

The RCMP East Kootenay Traffic Services presented a plaque recognizing the excellent service provided by Ray and Marlene Schmidt of Selkirk Towing a local operator in Cranbrook.

Wednesday, April 17, the unit presented Ray and Marlene SCHMIDT of Selkirk Towing a plaque thanking them for over 35 years of dedicated service to the Police and the Community.

Over Roy’s period of service he has attended some 39,000 calls. His wife Marlene has always been at his side. Marlene first started helping Roy by sweeping the highway while Roy got busy getting his tow truck loaded.

Over time Marlene saw the need to expand her role and in recent years handed the broom to Roy and took on the job of rolling up her sleeves and working the tow truck.

The RCMP East Kootenay Traffic Services (EKTS) / Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU), supports establishing and maintaining strong partnerships within the community in efforts in our collective goal ensuring safe roads in BC, said Sgt. Einor Jorgenson NCOi/c of the East Kootenay Traffic Services.

Given that the EKTS/IRSU officers work shoulder to shoulder with area tow operators, the RCMP EKTS meet regular to address mutual issues and concerns with the various tow operators. You could describe Roy as a very dependable, calm, cool and compassionate person. Roy recalled many a story during our recent presentation and meeting.

“It is clear he will miss interacting with the police and the public. As a unit and on behalf of the communities that he served, we wish Roy the best in retirement and assured him that we will miss his smiling face.

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