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Nelson Chamber celebrates Small Business day

By Contributor
April 14th, 2013

The Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce last week celebrated small business awareness day by hosting an event at the Hume Hotel where it unveiled a new video featuring small business owners from around the province. 

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tom Thomson says that the video and event are following up on the Small Business Accord launched earlier in the year.

“Small businesses create the overwhelming majority of jobs in B.C. and the Accord recognizes the economic importance of the tens of thousands small business owners,” Thomson said/

“Ninety-eight percent of all businesses in BC are small business. We are trying to raise awareness of the economic and social contributions of small businesses and highlight some of the programs available to them at all levels of government to help them grow.”

Chamber Vice President Tom Mamic, of Pacific Insight says “that a vibrant small business community requires strong partnerships with larger businesses and all levels of government.” “

Small businesses are the economic and social backbone of hundreds of BC municipalities. There is a tremendous amount of competition from jurisdictions all over North America to attract businesses, and it is imperative that local, regional and provincial governments provide a climate that is business friendly.

“Municipal and regional leaders must recognize the significant taxation and employment that business contributes. A vibrant small business community requires that we all work together, and that the contributions of the business community are not overlooked when setting policy.”

Acting Mayor Robin Cherbo says the City is pleased that steps are being taken to raise awareness of both the contribution of small business and the tools available to help them succeed.

“There were more than 1300 business license issued in the municipality last year.  That represents a lot of jobs and economic activity and we as a community are going to continue working with small business owners because a vibrant small business community benefits all of our citizens”, said Cherbo.

Thomson notes The Chamber has adopted the principles of the Small Business Accord, and look forward to having Nelson Council consider adopting the accord at the May 6 meeting.

“It’s a worthy goal to have people acknowledge we are the most business friendly Provincial jurisdiction in Canada, and that Nelson and area is striving to achieve the same recognition.”

Nelson was a recipient of the B.C. Small Business Roundtable’s Most Business Friendly Community Award in the fall of 2012, but Thomson notes there is still room for improvement, and the dialogue needs to continue with Council.


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