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Life is a Cabaret, old chum . . . Come see the Cabaret

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
April 12th, 2013

Downstairs in the makeshift practice studio in the basement of a local church Kit Kat Klub dancers focus on a routine under the guidance of choreographer Mackenzie Hope.

Up the stairs on the main floor singer/producer Sydney Black works through songs under the guidance of director Pat Henman, pianist Darren Fuss and head of music Rick Lingard.

“Sid you have to remember she’s mad and that’s what you have to bring out . . . “ says Henman.

“That’s what I was thinking too Pat,” Lingard concurs.

The hit musical Cabaret is coming to Nelson May 30-June 1 for a quartet of shows at the Capitol Theatre.

Front and center is Black, a pillar in the arts community that decided to produce the show after a two-year hiatus from the stage.

 “I feel there’s an insane talent pool in Nelson so why not show it off,” Black told The Nelson Daily during a break in rehearsal at a local church in Nelson.

“There’s musicians, lighting and design people,” Black adds. “We have amazing dancers. I’m so excited to be able to be part of putting this all together.”

Black is pulling a double duty with Cabaret. The stay-at-home mom is the production manager as well as playing the character Sally Bowles.

“I’ve been out of the scene to have a child,” Black explained. “I wanted to get back and  thought about doing something so my husband said go ahead.”

Cabaret, based on a book written by Christopher Isherwood, is a 1966 Broadway production that became a hit and spawned a 1972 film as well as numerous subsequent productions.

Henman is the director with music under the guidance of Lingard and choreography by Hope.

The cast of 18, narrowed down from a 60-person audition in January, is now on the home stretch with two practice sessions per week while set and costume designers work feverously to put the package together.

“We’ve been planning this for six months,” Black said.

Cabaret comes on the heels of a few other popular and successful local generated performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Black hopes Cabaret gets slotted into the same review pattern.

Tickets for any one of the four shows — Thursday, May 30, Friday, May 31 or Saturday, June 1 at 8 p.m. or the matinee Saturday, June 1 at 2 p.m. — are available at the Capitol Theatre Box Office or online at

Cost is $22 for adults or $17 for students.

Cabaret is presented with special permission from Toms Witmark Music Library Inc.

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