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Come one, come all to Alice: Adventures in Wonderland

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 24th, 2013

Alice is making a stop at the Capitol Theatre Friday as Nelson Youth Theatre brings “Alice: Adventures in Wonderland” to the stage.

The production goes at 7:30 p.m.

The audience will be amazed to watch how Alice deals with nonsensical flowers, animals, royalty, croquet matches and more!

NYT’s script adaptation of “Alice: Adventures in Wonderland” is by Kyla Hurst and Zooey Bingham from Lewis Carroll’s original work.

Original music is by Nick Hurst, operated by Tucker Bingham with the lighting designs under the guidance of Evan and Lisel Forst.

Dig the set pieces by London and Tamara Morgan. Appreciate the ensemble acting assisted by youth directors Ingrid Love, Ava Strautman and Zoe Burrell.

Wonder at the wonderful costumes.

The cast includes Zooey Bingham as Alice alongside a colourful group of supporting actors played by: Abby Shea, Aloka Jarman, Amelia Ford, Ava Strautman, Avery Shea, Coda Punchard, Danielle Backus Horton, Deja Cormie, Eirin Murray, Emily Smith, Franchesca Pierce, Henry Craven-Shreenan, Ivie Lock Luttmer, Jared May, Johanna Brochhagen, Leah Eberle, Liza Korinth, Loki Wickman-Ratthe, London Morgan, Madeline Reilly, Marlon Craig, Marisa Price, Max Korinth, Nicola Anderson, Petra Craven-Shreenan, Peyton Whitaker, Phoebe Fawcett, Rowan Bell, Sara Hurst, Solance Patenaude, Stephen Bogusz, Sylvia Harder, Tate Whitman, Tiana Baines, Zoe Burrell and Zorn Rose.

An actor-driven vehicle where “the play is the thing”, NYTʼs past hits
include “Juliet & Romeo”, “The Nuppet Show!”, “Zombie Apocalypse”, “The Tempest”, “The Portal: Beyond the Wall”, “Monster Mash”, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!”, “Robin Hood & Maid Marian”, “As You Like It” and “A Midsummer Nightʼs Dream”….

NYT director Jeff Forst is also a producer, writer, and actor. He has a degree in English Literature from the University of Victoria, with professional training from the Gastown Actors Studio.

Tickets are $7.30 for students and seniors and $19.30 for adults.

Visit & for more ticket and NYT info.

Prizesfor best Wonderland costumes; don’t be late for the tea party!

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