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Calgary best place to live in Canada

By Contributor
March 21st, 2013

Calgary is now the best place to live in Canada, according to an annual list by MoneySense magazine.

The Alberta Stampeded city bumped Canada’s capital, Ottawa, which had earned first place three times previously.

The list ranked 200 cities based on variables such as housing prices, crime, household income, weather, employment, amenities, culture and more. Calgary was ranked first in part thanks to its “abundance of jobs fuelled by the boom in the energy sector.”

MoneySense editor Jonathan Chevreau said Calgary’s climb indicated “how well the West did overall in the rankings.”

Alberta cities dominated the top 10 with five entries, while Ontario had four.

The 2013 list also broke down the rankings by the top 10 large cities, mid-sized cities and small cities, in addition to the best places to raise children, the best places to retire, and the best places for new immigrants.

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