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RCMP seize more drug money

By Contributor
February 12th, 2013

A multi-agency road check in the Clearwater area conducted by the RCMP Southeast District Traffic Services resulted in yet another large cash seizure — $53,540 in Canadian currency.

Police also seized the vehicle, a small amount of marijuana and steroids February 5 (Tuesday).

On February, 5th, 2013 RCMP Southeast District Traffic Services and the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Unit were conducting a road check in Clearwater BC on Hwy 5.

At approximately 3:53 p.m. on Highway 5 near Clearwater a Jeep Compass SUV was stopped at the road check by an RCMP officer.

A number of indicators and an odor of marihuana lead to the detention of two the female occupants. A police service dog was deployed and a positive indication was given by the dog. The two women were arrested at that time and the vehicle was searched.

A total of $53,540 in Canadian currency was found in a paper bag in one of the suitcases found on the backseat. The cash, along with five grams of marijuana, 180 doses of Turinabol steroids, and 60 doses of Anavar steroids were seized. The steroids were also located in the luggage, along with around four grams of marihuana found in the centre console of the SUV. The vehicle was seized that day as offence related property.

Two womens in their mid-20s from Edmonton were returning home to the Cobble Hill area were charged and now released on a promise to appear to court on May 2nd in Kamloops.

BC RCMP Traffic Services officers work diligently in keeping our highways and community roadways safe by way of traffic safety law enforcement along with their concerted efforts in detecting and disrupting the flow of contraband items being moved along our highways in BC,” said Cpl Dan Moskaluk.

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