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Garbula accepts Liberal nomination, in this race to 'win'

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
February 21st, 2013

The former General Manager of Kokanee Springs Golf Resort is stepping into the political spotlight after accepting the Liberal nomination for the Nelson/Creston riding Monday at the New Grand Hotel Banquet Room.

Fifty-three-year-old Greg Garbula was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate before a crowd of more than 50 supporters.

“The old adage is “someone has to” and certainly we need to have better representation than we have now so I’m happy to fill this role,” Garbula told The Nelson Daily before accepting the Liberal nomination.

“I feel that this region needs to be promoted more and we need to be more progressive in how we deal with Victoria.”

Garbula came to the Kootenays to take on the job of GM at Kokanee Springs Resort in Crawford Bay in the late 90s after a successful career with CP Rail.

Garbula, married with three children, has a host of experience in the resort and hospitality industry and knows what it takes to grow a business — something he hopes to bring to the table as the Nelson/Creston member at the Legislature.

“We need more business, stronger business and businesses that compliment our existing environment and lifestyle,” Garbula explained.

“Obviously we’re not going to go out and build a bunch of new factories,” he added. “We need to find businesses that can be a compliment to what our moral values are.”

Garbula, who was recruited by Premier Christy Clark to accept the Nelson/Creston nomination, is not concerned about polls or what the media pundits are saying about the Liberal Party.

He plans to knock on doors, talk to people on the streets and do what it takes to win in Nelson/Creston.

“We feel we can win,” said Garbula, adding people are going to be impressed with Christy Clark’s campaign come election time.

“We feel this region has been under represented. Everybody I’ve talked with is really not happy what’s happening in the region.

“Our voice in Victoria is not as strong as it should be and so many people and so many businesses feel we can do so much better.”

Garbula is the second person to announce his candidacy in Nelson/Creston.

Sjeng Derkx signed on last year to run for the Greens against incumbent Michelle Mungall of the NDP.

In 2009 Mungall garnered 55 percent (9060) of the votes to 31 percent for Liberal candidate Josh Smienk (5191).

Sean Kubara of the Green Party and Dave Duncan of the Conservatives each finished with seven percent.

The last time a Liberal candidate won in Nelson/Creston came in 2001 when Blair Sufferdine edged out Corky Evans.

Voters go to the polls in the provincial election on Tuesday, May 14.

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