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Dog bylaw unchanged, and several groups pitch Council for their annual funding—a summary of the February 18 Nelson City Council meeting

Bill Metcalfe
By Bill Metcalfe
February 19th, 2013

Councillor Deb Kozak read aloud her motion to allow dogs downtown for a trial period from May to October.

“Is there a seconder?” asked Mayor Dooley.

Silence around the Council table. No raised hands.

“Then the motion dies on the floor,” said Dooley.

This failure of the motion to even proceed to a vote came after the Nelson Business Association, a city by-law officer, the Nelson Police, the Chamber of Commerce, the Seniors Coordinating Society, Nelson-Kootenay Lake Tourism, and several citizens all told Council their opinions on the proposed bylaw change. Later this week, The Nelson Daily will run a detailed story on what they said and the apparent reasons for the outcome.

City-funded community groups make their pitches for 2013

As part of the City’s budget process, currently taking place over several weeks, Council heard presentations from several community groups that have traditionally been funded by the City. 

1.3% of the City budget, divided among seven groups

Although a lot of discussion goes into these grants, on the part of City Council and the groups themselves, it is useful to remember that the total amount requested by all groups listed below amounts to about 1.3% of the City of Nelson’s total annual budget.

The following groups made presentations to Council about their budget requests, activities of the past year, and plans for the future. Their presentations are attached at the end of this article.

The Cultural Development Commission, whose operations are funded entirely by the City, asked for $35,000, a 40% increase with the rationale  that the Commission has taken over the work of the now-defunct Heritage Commission.

Touchstones Nelson asked for $213, 537, a 2% increase over last year’s grant. Touchstones’ projected 2013 budget is $392,237, about fifty-eight percent of which would come from the city.

The Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centre asked for $76,000, the same amount the centre has received since 2007. This is about 58% of the Visitor Centre budget.

The Capitol Theatre requested an increase of $7,500 to bring its City funding to $62,500. The City’s annual grant to the Capitol has stood at $55,000 since 1989, when it was reduced from $66,000. The City’s contribution amounts to about 16% of the Capitol’s budget.

The Nelson Regional Sports Council asked for a grant of $55,000. The Sports Council’s grant from the city amounts to about 25% of its total budget.

The Nelson and District Arts Council asked for $4000, a 100% increase over last years’ grant of $2000. 

The Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership, of which the City of Nelson is one of the partners, asked for $100,000, the same grant as last year, which would amount to about 65% of the group’s total projected budget for 2013.

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