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Breaching bail could cost Calgary man more jail time

By Contributor
February 3rd, 2013

A police check (Wednesday) January 30 turned into more than just a traffic ticket as Penticton Drug Task Force landed a cash and an assortment of drugs from a South Okanagan home last week.

The day started when the Drug Task Force pulled a Calgary man, 26-year-old Joshua Oudshoorn and a 28-year-old women over in a downtown convenience store parking lot.

Oudshoorn was initially arrested for breaching his recognizance of bail conditions from Alberta and the woman for possession of a controlled substance.  A small amount of marihuana was seized from the vehicle.

However, a subsequent search of two Penticton homes (Thursday) January 31 in the in the 600 block of Beames Lane and 200 block of Marina Way revealed a large quanity of drugs.

Drug Task Force members seized cash and cocaine from the Beames Lane home and a larger quantity of cocaine, oxycontin pills and a small quantity of what is suspected to be heroin at the Marina Way address. 

Investigators also seized drug trafficking paraphernalia.  

In total seized from the two residences were approximately eight ounces of powder cocaine, several hundred Oxycontin pills, cash, scales, plus smaller quantities of heroin and marihuana.

The female was later released with no proposed charges.

Oudshoorn was held in custody for JJP Bail Hearing and set to appear in Penticton Court today for two counts of Sec.5(2) CDSA Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.




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